Members Funds redistributions

The Members Funds redistribution function is used for moving money between activity codes. This should normally be used to balance profits or losses from individual activity codes.

This form only moves money within Members Funds (225). Be careful not to create overspends within Activity codes with this form.

For example, the Canoe club ran an event for which they sold tickets with the income and expenditure going into “Christmas Dinner (48)”. The event was successful and generated a profit of £285, using the members fund redistribution this money can be moved from (48) to General (00).

Another example where Members Funds redistributions is used is to zero out an activity code at the start of the academic year if the activity code was set to rollover funds. For instance, if your "Christmas Dinner (48)" ran a profit last year and you now have a positive balance in this activity code. However, you want to set it to zero in order to accurately track income and expenditure ahead of this year's event. In order to do that you can move funds from (48) to General (00) account using Members Funds redistribution.


How to submit a Members Funds redistribution

Step 1: Login to eActivities
Step 2: Navigate to Members Funds Redistribution

Go to Finance > Transfers > Members Funds Redistribution. The screen below will appear. It will default to the New Submission tab.

Step 3: Fill in the details

Fill in the committee name, funding code within which you wish to move the money and the total redistribution account. When you have filled in these fields a set of boxes will appear. Complete details of the account, activity and funding codes together with the amounts. 

From Lines tab should contain the details of where the funds are being moved from. To Lines tab should contain the details of where the funds will be transferred to.

Step 4: Commit the Members Funds redistribution

Once you have entered and checked all the details click Commit. The Members Funds redistribution request will then appear on the My Submissions in Progress tab until it is approved. Depending on the value of the Members Funds redistribution it may require further approval, details are given on the Expenditure approvals page.

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