Data Sharing Agreements

Who can I share my data with?

The short answer, is that you should be avoiding sharing data with third parties as much as possible. However, in some cases, this may be unavoidable, so this article will talk you through how to manage this the best way you can. 

This article contains information relating to the following areas:

Sharing data for Sponsorships

Some sponsors may ask you to share contact details of your members as part of your sponsorship agreement in order to send subject-specific marketing communications to your members. As this data will be used for marketing purposes, you will need to gather opt-in consent for your members data to be used in this way.

Remember: Members of your CSP have only consented to being contacted about the activities and information about YOUR group. To enable further subject-specific marketing, they will need to opt in
  1. Identify that a sponsor will need access to your membership body.
  2. Work with the sponsor to ensure the terms of any data sharing are agreed by both parties. Ensure that there is a timeframe attached to the length of time they will hold the data (i.e if the sponsorship deal is for a year, they can only hold the information for a year). 
  3. Create an opt-in consent form for your members. This will need to include:
    1. The length of time they are opting into marketing communications from the sponsor
    2. The option to opt-in and out
    3. Their name
    4. Their email address
  4. Only the students data who have completed the opt-in consent form should be shared with the sponsor.

If any student would like to opt out (after previously opting-in), you must inform the sponsor immediately and ensure their data is deleted from their database. 

Sharing Data outside the EU

We strongly encourage all CSPs to not share any Data outside the EU. However, if this absolutely cannot be avoided, please see the ICO international transfers page

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