College Insurance

College Insurance will cover most activities that the CSP’s do, however there will be slight differences for each club, so best thing to do is get in contact with

Full information can be found on the College’s insurance pages. But please be aware of the following few instances that will invalidate College insurance.

For example, if you wanted to do a bungee jump and you planned it prior to your trip and submitted a risk assessment then the insurance will cover it. If you decide to do the same bungee jump without planning back home, you will not be covered. Please ensure your tour operators booking, risk assessments and activities are all planned beforehand so that they are covered.

Cancellation Insurance

If there is a reasonable possibility of an activity being cancelled resulting in large irrecoverable costs then it would be advisable to take out some form of cancellation insurance.

An example of such an event would be a show with a large initial outlay on costumes, sets, venue etc., where the audience are primarily external people. A good example of such an event would be the Musical Theatre Society’s annual two week show which is hosted in Devon; the audience being made up of almost totally local people and holiday makers from Devon.

Be aware that any insurance company are likely to need details of the activity being organised and the financial plans behind the activity.

For general information about other types of insurance which are in place or available to organisers of Club, Society or Project events, please go to Types of Insurance Cover.

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