Space Access Requests

Space Access Requests are used by the Union to ensure the correct committee, and CSP members have access to the correct spaces.

Updating Space Access Requests

Only Principal Officers can update who has access to which rooms, to make changes please read our Space Access Requests webpage and follow the guidelines and links provided. 

For reference, all key lists from 1-99 relate to a physical key, or key set. All key lists over 100 relate to CID card access. 

If you're a member of a CSP and believe you should have access to space which you currently do not, or be on a Key List you currently are not please get in touch with the committee of your CSP directly. 

Please note, all Key Lists reset on 1 August. After this date you will need to add any new commitee members, or members of your CSP to the relevant key lists in order for them to have access to the correct spaces.
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