Elections and AGM

In this article we will cover:

Before the start of the Summer Election, each Club, Society & Project must have held a election to decide on who will run the Club, Society or Project during the next academic year. Usually the positions being elected are those on the committee of the Club, Society or Project, but the details will be contained within the Club, Society or Project’s constitution.

All Club, Society or Project elections must be conducted in accordance with Regulation 4 of the Union’s Constitution.

The process of holding a Club, Society or Project election is about a three week process, so proper planning is required.

A Returning Officer must be appointed who is not standing as a candidate in the election. They are responsible for the fair conduct of the election. Guidance is available in the Running a Club, Society or Project Election training manual.

Specific details of who can stand for election to committee and other positions will be contained within your Club, Society or Project Constitution.

It is important that everyone who can stand for a position has the opportunity to do so; make sure that all elections are well advertised and run well.

You should aim to have minimum 50% of your members attend your AGM for it to be a meaningful vote for next year’s committee.  

To reach ‘quoracy’ 50% of your members must be present and within these, a minimum of two thirds must be in agreement.


All voting during elections conducted at Imperial College Union, including those of Clubs, Societies & Projects is by Single Transferable Vote (STV). This cannot be negotiated, so it is important this rule is applied properly. Not conducting elections by STV may lead to appeals being lodged and the election being rerun by a different Returning Officer.

Link to the Electoral Reform Society website where there are instructions of how to count the votes for an election conducted by STV: https://www.electoral-reform.org.uk/voting-systems/types-of-voting-system/single-transferable-vote/

Help with Elections

If you need help with running your Club, Society or Project election you should contact your Management Group Chair in the first instance, they may also be willing to act as the Returning Officer.

Annual General Meetings (AGM)

Each Club, Society or Project is generally required to conduct an Annual General Meeting. This is where the elections for the new committee generally take place, and is almost always held within the Spring Term, before the Easter holidays.

The AGM is a chance for each of the current committee members to make a report of the activities they have been undertaking for the previous year, and allow for the members to question them and hold them to account. It should also be a celebration of what has happened so far during the year.

Good AGMs are always followed by a social activity all the members can participate in.

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