Tour conduct

You are an Imperial College ambassador when,
  • Wearing Imperial College branded clothing
  • Driving our branded minibuses
  • Booking venues under your Club, Society or Project’s name
Being an ambassador means,
  • Not acting in a dangerous or inconsiderate way
  • Not getting excessively drunk.
  • Not do anything illegal or break rules

There is nothing the College or the Union can do to help you if you are involved in illegal activities.

Poor conduct is not easily forgotten, and can lead to,
  • All Imperial Clubs being barred from venues and events.
  • It could risk sponsorship agreements.
  • Negatively effect in your career (this is particularly important if you break the law)
Things to consider

The activities, you undertake whilst on a trip or tour need to be appropriately risk assessed. You should not do anything where you have not first considered the risk to your participants.

If you feel any member of your group behaves badly you should inform the Union of this.

Both the Union and the College can discipline anyone acting dangerously or misbehaving. This could incur a fine, an entry on your formal College record or expulsion.


Below you will find links to all relevant policies that relate to this process. 

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Do you need help?

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