Tour funding

A tour funding application needs to be completed to apply for money from the Clubs, Societies & Projects Board (CSPB).

In this article we will cover:

How to apply for tour funding

Step 1: Login to eActivities
Step 2: Navigate to Tours
Go to Administration > Clubs, Societies & Projects > Tours.

Select the tour period for which you are applying by clicking either Winter Tour, Spring Tour or Summer Tour.

Step 3: Fill in the details

Complete the required details on the form, remember to say how your planned tour meets the criteria discussed previously.

Once you have filled in all the details boxes, a drop down will appear to add in the planned income and expenditure. Follow the guidance in Event Finances collection on how to enter income and expenditure.

If you are unsure of numbers going on your tour, give the best estimate. Money is allocated on a per person basis, so over-estimating the number will not benefit you financially in the long term. If you are unsure of the exact cost of travel, give a good estimate based on a number of quotes you have received. Remember to include extra items such as accommodation, food, equipment hire and other costs. 

By clicking the Final Overview subtab you can view a breakdown of the money you are applying for.

The Previous Tours subtab lets you see the applications from the past few years which your Club, Society or Project have made. 

Step 4: Submit the application

Whey you have entered all the information press Submit.

Remember to submit the application for funding at least seven days before the relevant Clubs, Societies & Projects Board tours meeting. Late applications will not be accepted. Your Management Group Chair will remind all their Clubs & Societies well in advance of when the upcoming tours deadline is. 


Tour funding allocations

Clubs, Societies & Projects whose applications are successful will be informed by the Deputy President (Finance & Services) and the money will be allocated to a tour category on the Club, Society or Project transaction pages on eActivities.

All tours are required to write a report which is sent to both Felix and the Deputy President (Clubs & Societies). Tour reports will also form part of an annual report which the Union is required to submit to the IC Trust who provide the bulk of the funding for tours.

Any unspent tour grant is transferred back to the Club, Society or Project tour fund at the discretion of the Deputy President (Finance & Services) after the tour has taken place. Therefore, the Club, Society or Project Treasurer needs to ensure that all grant awards which have been made are spent by that date.

Do you need help?

Management Group Committee/ Constituent Union Commitee: Your MG Chair/CU Committee is trained to help you with this topic. Please find your relevant contact here.

Union Email Contact:

Contact: Deputy President (Finance & Services)

Training Week: A session was delivered on this topic during our Training Week, please find the recording and slides here.

121 Session: Available for this topic, book here.

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